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Client Success Stories

Digital Transformation Strategy

Project Design

Planned, designed, and conducted research with all team stakeholders.


Provided a list of insights, opportunities, and recommendations. 

Managed project design and creative collaboration across multidisciplinary teams. 

Engaged with stakeholders to further explore

opportunities and identify a short-term action plan.

Designed an implementation strategy for two major digital transformation efforts.

Created project prototypes to produce iterative trials.

Created methods to track satisfaction levels and user feedback.

Fortune 25 Healthcare Technology Firm

UX Content Strategy for Mobile Application

Project Design

Lead the effort to explore design team efficiencies related to Mobile app feature enhancements. 


Synthesized research and identified key research takeaways.

Contributed to the definition of mobile application content guidelines, communicated journeys related to the application, and push notification strategy.

Created and implemented a Content Strategy for the Client’s Native Mobile Application Design.

Authored push notifications for the Client’s native mobile application.  Supported the modeling initiative to centrally store and manage content.

Fortune 500 Healthcare Provider

Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML)

Client Remediation

Large French Bank
Project Design

Constructed a client list with active transactions and implemented analytics to evaluate client attributes.

Created a framework for predictable results by leveraging attribute and tracking analytics.

Used a multi-thread approach to cover client, people, data, assets, process and technology then linked it to a measurable return on investment.

Reduced client’s costs by outsourcing client conduct to a full-service utility that would keep pace with the regulatory environment.

Built and deployed a forward-thinking target operating model across multiple sites to align with strategic technology placement and predictive methodology tied to regulatory demand.


From Overwhelmed to Overjoyed

I was drowning in a high volume of unqualified candidates sent to me from our procurement team. It was so time consuming to screen each candidate and none of them were the right fit.


I was introduced to Division One through a personal referral and they were able to find me the right candidates with the right skills that match our team culture.

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