KYC/AML Client Remediation
Client: Large French Bank

For a large French Bank

Created and implemented a “Maturity Model” to support Regulatory & Compliance requirements for Client Remediation (KYC, AML).  The implementation consisted of 4 phases:

Phase 1 – Remediation

Used attribute and tracking analytics to create a pre-defined framework for predictable results. Constructed a client list with active transactions then implemented analytics to evaluate client attributes during remediation with a short deployment timeframe.

Phase 2 - Optimize

Moved Client from a “Day 0 to Day 1” model. This includes ensuring the full year of client lifecycle management and tied to a market standard target operating model. Used a multi-thread approach to cover client, people, data, assets, process and technology then linked it to a measurable return on investment.

Phase 3 – Evolve

Built and implemented a forward-thinking target operating model across multiple sites to align with strategic technology placement and predictive methodology tied to regulatory demand. Implementing a standardized model including policy, execution, and technology which provided a scalable and competitive edge to managing client conduct

Phase 4 – Utility
Reduced Client’s hard costs by outsourcing client conduct to a full-service utility that would keep pace with the regulatory environment.

Digital Transformation Strategy
Client: Fortune 500 Healthcare Provider

Designed an implementation strategy for two major digital transformation efforts.  The project consisted of 3 phases:

Phase 1 – Project Discovery

Planned, designed, and conducted research with all team stakeholders then provided a list of insights, opportunities, and recommendations. 

Phase 2 – Project Design

Managed project design and creative collaboration across multidisciplinary teams.  Engaged with stakeholders to further explore opportunities and identify a short-term action plan.

Phase 3 – Project Prototype and Trial

Created project prototypes to produce iterative trials.  Created methods to track satisfaction levels and user feedback. 

UX Content Strategy for Mobile Application
Client: Fortune 500 Healthcare Provider

Created and implemented a Content Strategy for the Client’s Native Mobile Application Design.  The project consisted of 3 phases:

Phase 1 – Project Discovery

Lead the effort to explore design team efficiencies related to Mobile app feature enhancements.  Synthesized research and identified key research takeaways.

Phase 2 – Project Design

Contributed to the definition of mobile application content guidelines, communicated journeys related to the application, and push notification strategy.

Phase 3 – Definition

Authored push notifications for the Client’s native mobile application.  Supported the modeling initiative to centrally store and manage content.

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